An Unbiased View of zen

zafrogzen, I proceed to be influenced and enlightened by your commentary. I thanks from the guts. You see issues in a method which i do still you Specific them so simply just and eloquently which the principles are easier to assimilate in consciousness.

The crowd is hungry for blood, and almost nothing will abate it. Each remark are going to be slashed Using the cult defence. But to suit your needs, you've your exercise.

There are real problems after we mention these concerns in a single global way but let me test to address your very good points:

And nevertheless: the real destruction does not lie within the sexual come upon, it lies inside the broken believe in along with the psychological abuse.

It may be that as you sat across him along with your fantastic “knowledge eye” opened up, imagining Bodhidharma and all of that, he was thinking about the blonde in cabin 9. It’s referred to as transference, and it’s stamped all over these tales.

You use this estimate inside the context of this informative article, resulting in a grossly inaccurate and misleading portrayal of Leonard Cohen’s text. You realize almost nothing of his connection with Sasaki, and what context and words he introduced to that phrase.

In my working experience, there is nothing “sacred” about real exercise. That’s just another borrowed concept that should be discarded if one is truly keen on awakening.

Anything you say may be so, but on the other hand, men and women use very very similar arguments to protect the actions in the likes of Ladi Adi Da, the Rajnesh and Rael, and oh and hey, Eido and Genpo “Roshi”, Trungpa and whoever is their personalized Expert whose steps must be discussed absent.

It really is unfair to compare Sasaki’s habits towards the Catholic pedophiles. I doubt he did anything illegal. Looks like he was quite awesome about, not like Several other offending Roshi’s.

This is often a thing that Many individuals have identified about although not had the courage to reveal. I hope Other people now Be happy to mention what needs to be stated. Secrets and techniques about such steps in many cases are as troubling because the actions on their own.

It truly is brave of you to very own “your part in the calamity” and to admit “I have identified but have not spoken out”. Some of the greatest hurt to victims is brought on by their abuser’s supporters whose silence can be as harmful as being the abuse itself.

“It could only be even worse if we Enable any barber, snake oil salesman, back alley knife, or inspired Prepare dinner in their household kitchen put on a white coat, hang a diploma from the online click here market place and open a surgical Business office, Regardless how very well which means, encouraged, gifted and honest.

You will discover 1,000,000 rumours about him, but who would like to accumulate everything? And what would Sasaki make of it? I've heard as an example that everybody also appreciates he can browse minds. Cult! Booha! states the gallery, but when he reads it, there's no clarification for his sheer raw ability.

I don’t recall Gautama beating, humiliating, groping or inquiring college students to spread their legs so that you can “teach” or “help” them.

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